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Marui SPAS-12 Metal Stock USD$224.00

From the land of the Ferrari, classic and modern art, building design and fashion: Italy, comes the SPAS 12.
From the early 1960's when Europe was widely becoming a terroist front, the call for a combat shotgun prompted companies such as Beretta, Benelli and others to produce new designs. But in 1980 it was the Franchi SPAS 12 with it's semi-automatic capabilities that came out on top. Now used by Italy's anti-terrorist unit "NOCS" as well as many special forces and police units of the world. Including the French "GIGN" and the British "SAS". The distinct Italian flavor of desigh has also made it popular in Hollywood movies as well as with many shotgun fans.
The first in line of the shot gun Series, the SPAS 12;
First, the specially designed 3 tubed barrel, the 3 tubed cylinder, and the 3 hop-up chambers. Enabling 3 controled, accurate, hopped-up shots to be fired simultaneously.
Second, the original 12 gauge shotgun shell magazine. This design provides the user with caseless firing. Desired by Survival Gamers. Even in it's compact form, the magazine holds up to 30 BBs each. Enabling 10 continuous shots of 3 BBs each. When the magazine runs dry, a quick "shot shell change" and you're on your way.
Keeping the trigger pulled as you pump the handle gives you rapid fire to mow down your targets.
These designs and real feel will give you a distinct advantage over the other Gamers and competitors in your field.
Tokyo Marui's new concept 3 barrel, 3 cylinder SPAS 12 Shotgun, with it's unique Shotshell Magazine has won the praises of many model gun fans around the world. Yet, the request for a folding stock has been equally great.
The folding stock, used by police and military units gives stability when charging the shotgun as well as when firing. The ability to fold it onto the shotgun body provides the user a compact version for close quarter fighting.
Tokyo Marui's technical staff, having used the actual SPAS 12 Military Spec Stock as a model, has producer this sturdy metal folding stock.
Also including the akward looking, yet resourceful, Armrest. Enabling the shooter to use the SPAS 12 with one arm. Useful in a "panic" situation. Such as a surprise attack from the side. This Armrest gives a stable shot as it takes considerable pressure off the wrist.
Again Tokyo Marui confidently presents you with a high quality item. We are sure it will meet your expectations, either in a combat situation or in target practice.
The package comes with one shell. This shell can contain 30 rds. Each pull can shoot 3 rds, that means you can pull ten times. But you can't pull few times and shoot at one time. If you want to get more shell, you can purchase ( MA-203R-TM ), three for one set.

(Out Of Stock)

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